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AVG Cleaner Pro APk is a cleaner android application freely available on Playstore. The AVG cleaner Pro Apk helps in improving speed of your device, increasing space, and also make your phone battery last longer slightly by deleting the junk files. AVG Cleaner is a smart android application/device manager and optimizer that optimized the phone’s performance and boost your phone performance.

AVG Cleaner has a rating of 4.4 on the playstore. With over 50+ millions install.

AVG Cleaner Pro Apk

Why you need to use AVG cleaner Pro Apk?

If you are facing storage problem, your mobile doesn’t have better RAM optimization, you don’t want junk files and wants to manage your phone with device manager then you need to instrall AVG Cleaner Apk.

AvG Cleaner pro apk

Top Features of AVG Cleaner Pro Apk-

  • Remove pre-installed applications- AVG cleaner allows you to delete pre-installed applications that you don’t use.
  • More Space- AVG Cleaner have a good and nice layout that display information of how many old photos you are having, copy image, no. of screenshot. And, various no. of details you can delete old unnecessary photo, application, video, music which will decrease load of your phone and boost phone’s performance.

avg cleaner apk pro #3

  • Improve Performance- Clear you phone cache data, identify the apps that are slowing down your device and clean them from the RAM via Cleaner. This will free more space for the current application to work smoothly.
  • Longer Battery Life- As long as there will be light pressure on the processor, the processor will consume less battery. So, it important to kill background apps that are unnecessarily running.

Avg Cleaner pro apk improve battery

  • Hibernate Apps- You can suspend apps to save battey and mobile data.
  • System Info- AVG Cleaner provides various information about your device. So, that you are well known about the apps you are using and keep a traces about the files on your device.
  • File Manager-You can browse files smartly.
  • Junk Cleaner-Over time our device starts storing lot of jung files, cache which are necessary to remove. They takes a lot of storage unknowingly.

AVG Cleaner pro apk

Download the AVG Cleaner Pro Apk-

You can download for free the AVG cleaner Apk from Playstore-

**Download AVG Cleaner Apk from Playstore only, 30 days free pro features you can enjoy, There is nothing much to do with this pro features. You can manage your device very well with free features too. Enjoy the little boost in performance. 🙂

**Warning-Do not trust 3rd party source much to download.

How to Install AVG Cleaner Apk?

  • Click on the instrall option in the playstore.
  • After finishing download, click open
  • Allow access to the necessary permission AVG Clean app would require
  • Success !!

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