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Apple, as it says “Think distinctive”, has had no
effect on its most current version of iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. Apple
manufactures articles that are never observed.

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Consistently, in September, the world gets a sack of popcorn
and prepares to see Apple’s best iPhone yet stepped ahead in all its radiance
and presses with elements that every customer benefit feels the premium of
being Apple’s customer. However, this time, Apple did nothing apart from the
persistent astringent taste of the presentation left on a large number of Apple

Things really started pleasantly with the statement of the
long screen knock-down measure, and we did not have a less expensive
alternative this time – we were potentially treated a better and better iPhone
to run with the best iPhone to date. How Apple – you need another iPhone to
beat the iPhone.

The iPhone_6_iOS felt however as they are saying the meeting
of people, you do not need to go to the opposition to improve. We never thought
we would see Apple do that – infer that. We missed the standard presumption
perhaps. The guy who taught that screens over 4 “is crap. The type that
requires retinal determination while the opposition is in QHD.

Adjusted corners? NFC 8 megapixel camera? This should be the
year 2012. Apple is not about bleeding edge equipment, but rather the substance
and encounter with the customer. We have heard of that. Also, hello, it’s a
legitimate technique. In any case, this year even the firmer iPhone customers
among us have a tilt that they are holding an element a year with Apple
retaining the critical redesigns that would make the iPhone predominantly mechanical
or equivalent to the opposing leads.

If it were not for the different looks, we would say that
everything we have this September is another incremental redesign, an iPhone
5s, maybe. What’s more, the looks – the phone looks exquisite however, once we
lifted it, the complicated curves caused us to lose the chambered edges
machining tapered. Exceptional glass material has disappeared in the back;
supplanted by modest looking radio wire strips they cannot choose whether they
have a place with the back or sides. Funny, and the focal point of the camera
protruding – the guard cases will be searched again appears.

Anyway, we are here to perceive how much better the new
iPhone 6 contrasts with the model a year ago and we can start with a goose in
its key specifications. Who knows, we can capitulate to its charms.


==> It has a life-size display (the Nexus 5 fits a 5-inch
screen in this size of a body)

==> We would take a larger battery than a thinner phone

==> No micro SD space

==> No battery replaceable by the customer

==> Folded corners make it harder to reach and less
demanding than the iPhone 5S

==> There is no way 32GB, customers forced to upgrade the
distance to 64GB (which is less expensive this year, but a variant of 32GB
should have been significantly less expensive or even standard)

==> Projecting the camera’s focal point causes the phone
to wobble in case it does not have a case

==> The camera is still only 8MP four years in succession
(undoubtedly, it is showing signs of improvement with each new era)

==> There is no 4K video and the video sound is still

==> Do not have the optical adjustment of the image of
the iPhone 6 Plus

==> No improved fluid or waterproof impermeability

==> Offers a similar thickness of spectrum pixels fourth
year in a row

==> The NFC utility restricted to Apple Pay as it was

==> No FM radio

==> No Infrared Port

==> No remote load

==> There are no stereo speakers

==> No USB mass storage mode, iTunes is required for
registry exchanges

==> Or maybe expensive without the endowments of the

Do not hesitate to deviate – however, Apple’s biggest review
has been broadcast for years has left the element whole fully open – denying
them their standard reason: “We do things our way, we do not care about
the screen size of another person or determination”. In addition, that
summary goes forward to waterproofing, 4K recordings, lossless video zoom, OIS,
high resolution images, stereo speakers.

This review may have begun out of control, so please excuse the rant. In any case, the paradox is that it was Apple’s iPhone leading the opposition to store included in the highlight of confidence that can take clients from the prevailing meeting biological community with the client, we say, he showed signs of improvement iOS 8. Now it seems that Apple was not right about the extent of the screen. They are in a position to explain why two or three days took ages to compensate for the lost volume of Android screen … Pickup time – but, while neglecting to coordinate a large number of opposition wonderful components and he has been thrown.

Apple iPhone 6 is not without its benefits. It’s just that this year you need to look harder to detect. What seems like iOS and sit on a larger screen. We adoramos ebb and flow along the edges of the windshield. New segments more productive but gains an advantage in offering A7 iPhone 5S 64-bit, both with regard to the preparation of the force and acting design. It will be a harsh battle, but we are more than willing to give it a fighting fire.

Mobile phones such as Samsung Note 4 and Nexus 6, Sony Ericsson Z3, second-generation Moto X is the best contenders with the best price. Simply premium on the occasion could not do the simplest life. It makes decisions and configuration simple life. However, the fall Apple has begun now.

In addition, the double achieved bendgate video video reaction incredible between clients and this explains the lack of value, given Apple and affected confidence among Apple customers. Also, instead of issuing an official response or statement video test offices or decrease in the number of protests, stop the organisation of work with the media, and prohibits all their chances in later denies. At present we are fully aware that every other manufacturer has the privilege of choosing the media with which to work, because it can not fit everyone who need to go to even greater pressure groups.

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