Tutorial: How to get Skype™ on Chromebook (The Easy way)

How to install Skype™ on Chromebook?


After reading this tutorial, you’ll get a working Skype on your Chromebook.

What you’ll need:

  1. A Chromebook
  2. Skype APK (version <= 4.9)
  3. A little patience to watch and understand a video tutorial.

What you won’t get?

  1. A cute puppy
  2. A quick million bucks

How to get Skype on Chromebook (Video):

Dylan Media (Youtube) has made an excellent video tutorial about installing/getting Skype on Chromebook.

The necessary Stuff!

You can download Skype APK for Chromebook by this link. Cheers!

If you don’t liked video tutorial then there is a very good tutorial written by REDSOME (it is a Tech blog, maybe). you can see it here!


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