What is Torrent & utorrent?Is it illegal to use?Know all about torrent


Torrent is a file with extension .torrent that contain information. utorrent is the official BitTorrent Torrent downloader. There are lots of Torrent download software, Out of them one is uTorrent. uTorrent is a very popular torrent downloader. It has both paid and free version.

what is torrent

Utorrent is supported in vast operating system- Windows, macos, Android and even on Linux.

If you are bit interested in programming you would be amazed to know that all version of utorrent are written in C++.

Torrent client like utorrent etc helps you download the torrent file. Without this software/Torrent Client you would not be able to do so.

what is utorrent

There are three terms very popular in torrent world-Seed, peer and leech. I will discuss this in detail do scroll down for more information.

How Torrent works?

Torrent Client/downloader helps transfer of files from one computer to the other. Torrent itself collects the information of the data from seeder and peerer to download the file. You can’t download a torrent file unless there is one seeder. A seeder and peerer helps the leecher to download the file.

Thus, torrent maintain intelligently all data address information of available seeder and peerer, and gives us a smooth download experience, if seeder available.

Thus, in this way no big server is needed for storing all files.

But, if you are searching for not popular things, old facts, movies etc you might not get it. So, the backbone of torrent are the seeders and some percentage peerer.

how torrent works

Is Torrent illegeal to use?

There is a very misunderstanding about torrent. Using Torrent isn’t illegal. However if you download copyrighted content that you don’t own is illegal. The movie, games that are copyrighted are illegal to download, and if the government traces you you could be sentenced to jail or fined.

Also, crack software downloaded via torrent client could be dangerous as seeded may have edited the files or have binded malicious codes.

is torrent illegal

How to be safe in Torrent?

Well, Torrent is not that much dangerous for now, but to make you secure and protect your identity, we will recommend you to use VPN to access torrent.

VPN will lets your actual IP to disclose. This will secure you to some extent if any one try traces you back.

What is seeder?

Seeder in torrent, are those who have the complete files and contribute them in uploading. Seeder and peers are the backbone of torrent. So, if you are the torrent downloader, make sure you also seed some time.

What is peer?

Peer in torrent, are those who have not complete files, but contribute in uploading. We, unknowingly can become peer while downloading through torrent.

What are Leechers?

Leechers in torrent, are those who only download the file, but don’t upload it or contribute.

The ratio between seeder, peers and leechers shoud be good to get good download speed.

For, eg, 1 seeder is uploading a file at speed 1mbps, then leecher can download the file with speed 1 mbps max., if there were 2 leechers then the speed would equally divided i.e., uploading speed is 1mbps so download speed would be 500kbps for each leechers.

If there were 2 leechers but, 1 leechers with max. download speed 100kbps, and another with 1mbps, then the upload speed would divide in 1:10 ratio.

Advantage of Torrent-

This advantage is in terms of technology not misleading the legal procecdure-

  1. Less maintainance, load on central server- As, we know peer also contribute and multiple user can become seeder and peers too. So, the load on the central seeder(server) decreases as long as the seeder and peers number increases.
  2.  Difficult to Block- As anyone from any device can become seeder and peer so, it very difficult to block the full network.


Torrent is really great platform to download and share files. Its very easy to share files there. However, torrent becomes illegal when sharing of copyrighted product files started sharing.

I wish your doubt about what is torrent and how it works, is torrent legal? is cleared to you.

Still if you have confusion you can comment down.

Thank You

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