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Xmodames apk (Xmod apk) is the best game hacking tool for android, that can even hack modern games like clash of clans. Xmodgames is the most easiest game hacking tool for android.

NOTE:- Xmodgames works on rooted devices only. If your device is not rooted, you can root it first with kingroot. We recommend kingroot apk because it doesn’t require PC to root and also kingroot support maximum number of devices.

Name: Xmodgames
Developer: Flemingo Inc.
Version: 2.3.5 [Latest]
Updated On: Jan 7, 2017
Size: 9.5 MB


[Please continue reading to know how to use Xmodgames as well as other details]

Xmodgames has been recently removed from Google play but there are many fake Xmodgames app there. So please download Xmodgames from our site only to remain safe.

What can you do with Xmodgames Apk?

Save time for gamers,Improve gaming efficiency, Better game experience

Games Supported:-

Pokemon Go:

This mod can simulate GPS position of the hot game Pokemon Go. By doing so, you can travel to anywhere to catch pokemons in the world in just one second.

1.Joystick Movement (Easy to control your avatar on the map)
2.Teleport – Set flight tickets to spawn at different locations. Fast travel from point A to point B
3.You can set coords to which you wanna be transported now.

Clash of clans:

  • Search Loot
  • Real Time Traps
  • Sandbox Attack

Clash Royale [NEW]

  • Show Rival Elixir: With this feature, you can see real time elixir of rival, planning attack time more wisely and precisely.

Minecraft PE:

  •  TMI
  •  Add Items
  •  Add Mobs
  •  Teleport
  • Backpack Management

Clash Of Kings:  Auto Resource Collect Agar.io: Random Skin 8 Ball Pool: Skip FREE Building Subway Surfer: Multiplier Scores Criminal Case: Unlimited coins Other features:-

  • Gadgets to enhance social interactions in games
  • Build-in Screen Capture & Smooth HD Record
  • Forums and Chatroom to Discuss & Share Live Game Experience
  • Recommend Interesting Tools to Download.

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Supported languages:

Available in English (UK and US), Spainish, Portuguese, and Russian.

How to use Xmodgames Apk?

  • Download Free Xmodgames apk
  • Install downloaded apk file. You have to enable installation from unknown sources in your device settings. If you have never installed app outside of Google play store, on your android device, go to settings  and tick unknown sources.
  • Open Xmodgames after installing it.
  •  Select “Mod” page. There you can see the name of all the games that can be hacked by xmodgames. Then choose the game you want to hack if it is in the list there.
  • You can see introduction and many other things about the game there. You will see “Install” at the last of the page. Tap on “Install” and wait until it installs mod for the game.
  • Now, finally you can Open the game directly or you can even open game by tapping “launch” button.
  • Congrats!!!! You have successfully hacked game using  Xmodgames. Now, Enjoy!!!!





Questions and Answers about Xmodgames:-

Android Mod Start-up Problems

  1. Why Xbot disappears after a few seconds when I launch the game via Xmodgames?This problem happens on Android 5.1.1/CM12.1 with Xmod 2.0.x. It has been fixed in the latest package. Please download the latest Xmodgames from our official website.
  1. Why I can’t see the Xbot when I start the mod.
    For MIUI, Huawei, Huawei EMUI2.X users, please give permission of pop-up windows to Xmodgames first.
    MIUI: Settings–>installed app–>Xmodgames–>Permission manager–>Display pop-up window–>Accept
    Huawei: Settings–>All–>Notification manager–>Dropzones–>Xmodgames
  1. Why I cant use COC mod/ Why there are 4 steps when I tap Xmod?
    a. Please check whether you have rooted your device and grant Xmodgames root permission.
    b. If you use Samsung devices, the reason is that Xmodgames is not working on Samsung Enforcing devices with    android 5.x at present. We’re still fixing this problem. And you can follow this method to run Xmod on Samsung    devices.
    How to run Xmodgames on Samsung enforcing devices.c. Xmodgames does not support Bluestacks(or other Android emulators)/ASUS zenfone 5(or other intel-based processors)/X86 at present. We are working on that now. Please be patient.
  1. Why COC crashes in Xmodgames?Reason: The latest COC Mod version do not support the COC game version of your device. Solution: Update COC game version to the version COC Mod support.
    You can get the related information from COC Mod description in Xmodgames.
  2. How to install the mod?Open Xmodgames, tap the game and install the mod by tapping the button at the bottom of the mod page. After you see “install success”, tap the “launch” to start the game.
  3. Mod install failed/Request timed out/Connection error
    a. Check your internet, restart your device and check for a few more times.
    b.Download a VPN Application from Google Store/App store that you like, such as Super VPN, Hotspot VPN and Hola, and set it to USA;
    c. Restart your device, open Xmodgames and enjoy.
  4. Xmodgames has stopped
    Please try to clear data of Xmodgames in “applications” (settings -> applications) and then reinstall.
    If it still doesn’t work, please tell us the details of your phone.(operating system, the specific model etc.) by emailing us.
  5. Why Xmod can’t detect the game (no launch button)?
    (a)Firstly, make sure you have downloaded the game
    (b) If you have downloaded the game, you still cannot detect and no “launch” button.
    We recommend you download the game from US store, then open the game on xmod, and reinstall the mod again. (More-My Mod)
    Like, if you are android user, you can download the game from Google play(US). If you are IOS, you can download the game from US App Store.
  6. How to use the accelerator?
    1) Open Xmodgames and turn the accelerator “ON” in “More” page.
    2) Start the game through Xmodgames.
    3) Tap the floating window(Xbot) and you’ll see the “Accelerator” button.
    4) Tap “Accelerator” button and set the value.
    Remember that the accelerator is not working on server-side games, COC, Boom Beach, etc.
  7. About the relation of Game upgrade and Mod upgrade
    Under normal circumstances, all the game mods work well unless the game updates. If your mod is out of effect, it’s usually because your game updates (It’s not a bug). X-team will update games timely but we need some time to work on updating the mod.(Sometimes it takes quite a long time to do that.) Please stay calm, wait for a very short time and pay attention to our Facebook. We’ll let you know when it’s done.
  8. Why Xmod is not working on Redmi Note?
    Please check and make sure at MIUI website that the the model of the redmi note phone you’re using runs in a developer-rom before rooting the phone. Without consistent developer-rom, the phone cannot be rooted and we regret to tell you that there’s nothing else we could do except waiting for an official one for the phone. you can find support and help on forum of MIUI or contact them directly for grant with root permission in MIUI developer setting. Then you can enjoy Xmodgames.



2. Root Explorer

You can get xmodgames on your iphone or ipad by any of the following two methods.


Note: You need an PC or Mac for this process. If you don’t have access to PC/ Mac jump to Method 2 to install from cydia.

How to Install Xmodgames By Deb file (using PC/Mac)?

Required tools:

  1. deb file (x.deb) – Download deb file.
  2.  iFunbox – iFunbox For PC / iFunbox For Mac
     iTools –  iTools for Windows  / iTools for Mac

Steps (detailed)

1. Install iFunbox OR iTools on your Mac/PC

2. Connect iDevice with PC

3. Download “x.deb” from “Xmodgames.deb

4. Launch iFunbox and Copy deb file into it
Tap: iFunbox Classic >> your iDevice >>Cydia App Instal l>> Copy x.deb into ” Cydia App Install”

5. Restart your iDevice
“x.deb” will be auto installed. If success, the file will be deleted automatically.


Note: You need to jail break your idevice for this to work.

How to add Xmodgames Repo?

1. Open Cydia

2. Go to “Sources” and tap on “Edit”

3. Tap on “Add”

4. Enter http://apt.xmodgames.com and tap on “Add Source”


5. Done

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